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Drain Cleaning Minneapolis, MN The drains in your house tend to see heavy use. Things like soap, grease, hair, remnants of food etc tend to accumulate in them. If these things get caught in tree roots that have grown into the drains, over time these things form a very stubborn clog. That is when you find the water backing up into the kitchen or bathroom sinks or even in the shower areas in your home.

At times you may try to clear this water with a plunger and there are times when this will do the trick as well. However if the clog is too severe, a plunger might not be able to clear it. You would have to call in a plumber to deal with the problem.

Right Mark is a company that provides excellent drain cleaning solutions and other plumbing services to customers in Minneapolis, Edina, Eden Prairie, Buffalo, Maple Grove, and Minnetonka, as well as in Rockford, Medina, Montrose, and Monticello.

Clearing Drains - The Process

Skilled plumbing contractors have all the latest equipment that’s required to clear the block. They follow a methodical approach to this job, such as:

  • They will first inspect the clogged drain, as well as the components that are related to it. They will check to see whether the clog is really in the drain or whether something else is causing the problem.
  • Once they are sure that the block is actually in the drain, they will use a commercial drain snake to clear the block, and it might be sufficient to solve the problem.
  • If the clog is very severe a drain snake might not be able to clear the block. In this case, a CCTV drain camera will have to be used to inspect the length of the drain. This is a very sophisticated piece of equipment that is effective in identifying where the block is and what is causing it. Drain blocks have a wide diameter and they don’t get blocked so easily. However when tree roots infiltrate the drain, they thrive on the water and nourishment in the water and start growing at a rapid pace. Before long the clog that forms becomes so severe that it completely blocks the water from flowing through.
  • Once the plumbers know exactly where the clog is, they use tree-cutters and hydro-jetters to clear the roots. Typically, that solves the problem and the roots get cleared from the drains.
  • Root inhibiting solutions will be sprayed in the soil surrounding the drain pipe in the garden; this prevents the roots from growing near and into the drain.
  • If the drain pipe has very severe cracks, a portion of it might be replaced too.

What most people fail to realize is that drain clogs aren’t something that form overnight. There are always signs that indicate a potential drain clog. If you find that the water in the sink isn’t draining as fast as it should, or if there is a backup of water in the shower or tub, do not delay in calling in a skilled and insured plumbing contractor like Right Mark to deal with the problem.

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