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Sewer Cleaning

Sewers are some of the most important features of a plumbing system. They’re the lifeline of your property and if they get clogged, the entire plumbing system can stop working. It’s nearly impossible to stay in a home without a functional plumbing system. You won’t even be able to wash your hands at the sink without facing problems.

Fortunately, you don’t have to endure blocked sewers for long. You can simply give us at Right Mark a call and we will send experts to help. We have handled a large number of sewer cleaning projects in homes Buffalo, Monteticello, Elk River, Ramsey, Waconia, and Champlin. Our clients have always been happy with our prompt and efficient services.

We make it a point to ensure that the system is fully functional before we consider the drain cleaning job done. As a licensed and insured plumbing company, our clients in Saint Michael, Mound, Maple Grove, Plymouth, and Anoka trust us to respond quickly to their calls and do a good job.

Our Sewer Cleaning Services

Over the years, we have worked on so many sewer cleaning jobs that we know and understand the process well. This experience has given has the ability to resolve the problem promptly, without causing too much inconvenience to our clients. Take a look at the process we follow for sewer cleaning:

  • Inspection – We first try to determine the root cause of the problem and inspect your plumbing system. We check all the faucets and plumbing installations inside the home. The goal is to determine whether there’s a problem in the sewer or elsewhere in the system.

  • Cleaning the Clog – Once we’re certain that the problem is in the sewer, we will attempt to clear it with a drain snake. This usually takes care of the problem as the snake will do through the clog and remove it.

  • Camera Inspection – If the drain snake fails, we’ll conduct a camera inspection of the sewer. Sewer drains aren’t so easily blocked as most of them are about 4” in diameter. However, tree roots or trapped animals like snakes can cause the blockage. A camera inspection will allow us to determine the cause of the block.

  • Location – We use a drain CCTV camera to locate where the block is. The latest technology is used to map the route the camera takes and determine the location of the clog.

  • Jetting – Once we’ve located the clog, we’ll use a hydro jet to clear it. This jet shoots water at the high pressure of up to 4000 psi. That force is strong enough to cut through tree roots and remove any blocks in the sewer. We can easily jet and clear pipes up to 4”in diameter.

Sewer line blocks need to be addressed as quickly as possible. We can help you so don’t hesitate to give us a call today! We at Right Mark will be happy to answer any questions you might have about sewer cleaning or our other services. The numbers to call are- 952 758 6237 or 952 PLUMBER. You can also get in touch with us via our contact us form. We’ll reply as soon as possible.